Natalee Thai tasty for kids and parents alike

img_7539Don’t be put off by the funky elevator and dank garage you must endure getting to Natalee Thai, located in a strip shopping center at the corner of Robertson and Olympic, the interior of this restaurant is elegant, and the service is excellent. For children, even though there’s no crayons to distract them, the menu has many kid friendly options, like chicken satay, Siam spring rolls with dipping sauce, and plenty of mild noodle dishes.


The menu is casual and features photos of various dishes along with a few hand written prices on some of the entrées. Which sets the tone of this as a casual restaurant but with upscale decor. There’s also great dessert options like fried bananas  and sweet sticky white rice with mango.


In addition for their sweet and strong mixed drinks like the piña colada served and a half coconut cup, they are also known for their soups, like the Tom Yum shrimp, but note, the light-weight should avoid the lime leaves which look innocuous but are intensely spicy hot.


My eight-year-old son who is a connoisseur of soup declared the wonton with chicken and shrimp “amazing.” The kids also love the coconut water served in an actual coconut shell with umbrellas.


We finished off our meal with a delicious fried banana, which was much more scrumptious than the name implies, down to the drizzled chocolate and powdered sugar sprinkled on the delicious fried nuggets of fruit.