Chomp is the choice for locals and the lucky ones who find it

If you are what you eat and you get what you give and following your passion shows in your work, then owner Rolan Pongpuntara has incorporated this philosophy into her venture, Chomp Eatery & Juice Station, a mix of a juicery and a lunch and dinner spot offering healthy options along with gourmet bacon cheeseburgers.


Her hole-in-the-wall cafe was the antidote to the donut shop next door to Chomp, offering something healthy for locals from UCLA and St John hospital as well as the local Santa Monica students who frequent her shop.


She’s also just started catering, and the big jobs help sustain the business and give her some breathing room as she goes through the usual start-up struggles of making ends meet and fulfilling all orders with her small staff of 4 to 6 people at a time, with often at least one person being dedicated to juicing a couple times a week.


Some of the more famed menu offerings are unique fries such as the signature Chomp fries tossed in Parmesan cheese, shaved Manchego cheese, and garnished with chives; Steak & Egg Fries and Sweet Potato Waffle Fries.  There’s also inventive items like the Unicorn Melt grilled cheese with multicolored fromages, and the Chompolte wrap, all made with fresh sourced and mostly local ingredients.


Rolan, who owns Chomp with her boyfriend, is cute and stylish with an unassuming air and abundance of energy, just like her store. They began 15 months ago as a breakfast and lunch joint and now they have  expanded with evening hours to offer dinner as well.


When I sampled some of her most popular dishes, the foot traffic was steady through the door. At lunchtimes she is glad to have many pick up orders and delivery, because the small space with approximately 20 seats cannot accommodate the constantly growing crowds.


It’s clear this young eatery is taking a bite out of local lunch business, and with the positivity that exudes from its ownership and the genius of its concept, locals are eating it up.