La Brea Bakery single-grain artisan breads for those who love loaves

2016-06-22-18-30-08The company that started the artisan bread movement 26 years ago has done it again, going by going back to the roots of bread. And by that I mean literally going back to the single origin heirloom wheat that is than 12,000 years old. La Brea Bakery’s new three reserve loaves –  Fortuna Wheat, Struan and Pain de Campagne – are comprised of ancient grains from Wheat Montana Farms Big Sky Montana.

At a recent tasting event at LA’s LA Brea Bakery Café, Chef Henk served the breads paired with tapenade, apricot jam, fresh honey from a nearby hive farm and other spreads and toppings that highlight the course texture and delicious taste of these true ancient grain breads.
On hand at the event was the farmer himself who is a proud purveyor of this salt of the earth crop that he says elicits an emotional response when walking through the waving fields of grain.


The bakery founders believe that bread needs to retake its place at the center of the family table, and they have created these reserve breads because everyone deserves an incredible bread their meal. Even Oprah has gotten on the bread wagon lately, bragging how she’s downing her bread carbs and still keeping a trim figure.

Try these delicious and satisfying loaves for yourself with these recipes that celebrate the unique flavors of the breads from the La Brea Bakery kitchen: