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Wolfgang’s turns it up to 11

There are few institutions that last in LA, except for maybe the Academy Awards, and there is also Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. A span of 11 years for a restaurant in this town is like 30 years in restaurant years. The secret of their success, besides excellent food, is their impeccable service. This stately house in Beverly Hills has been a fixture in LA’s fine dining culture because they know what customers in the heart of the world’s most famed shopping and dining district want.

The staples of Wolfgang’s menu remain their legendary porterhouse, dried for 28 days, along with traditional luxury steakhouse favorites like their creamed spinach and their other extraordinary meats, including a thick bacon slice, served as an appetizer that could almost be a meal in itself.
About their famed 28-day dry-aging process, Executive Chef Amiro Cruz says, “We do everything from A to Z – the extra attention we give to our meats makes them a cut above the rest.”

Wolfgang’s 48-oz sizzling Porterhouse has become known around the world – even Iron Chef Bobby Flay has been spotted many Sunday nights at the flagship location on Park Avenue. Other celebrity patrons include David & Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Robert Downey Jr., and Jessica Alba.

The restaurant brand is now celebrating more than a decade of success as one of the top steakhouses in the US and abroad with 12 current locations around the world, with five 12 current locations: five in NYC, Miami, Beverly Hills, Waikiki, NJ, and abroad to Japan and Korea, and five new locations in the works currently in the Philippines, Japan, China, Mexico City and Singapore.

Their most recent opening is at the historic Gotham Hotel in NYC, where New Yorkers have the privilege of fine dinning into the evening and then waking up to Wolfgang’s, as the restaurant serves breakfast for first time in Wolfgang’s history.