Fresh Brothers Pizza delivers on its name with fresh ingredients, family style



New Yorkers think they have the corner on pizza, but since Fresh Brothers came to the Left Coast in 2008, NYC got nuthin’ on us.

Fresh Brothers, which is now in 13 locations across LA and the OC, has become our family’s new go-to pizza place where we can get fresh-baked pizza and a variety of Italian-inspired entrees, salads and snacks all made with fresh ingredients.

Their pizza owes its zesty taste to 100-percent fresh tomatoes and all-natural mozzarella with no fillers, additives, or preservatives.  For those who especially appreciate healthy ingredients, Fresh Brothers has MegaGrain Crust, and for kids they sneak in finely-ground veggies into their Fresh Kids Special Sauce.

Besides excellent za, Fresh Brothers offers wings, bites, tenders and fries are all baked.

We recently had a party where nobody wanted the hassle of a potluck but regular cheap pizza wouldn’t cut it, so we ordered a smattering of menu items from Fresh Brothers.  For our vegan brethren we got pizza with Daiya vegan cheese with Italian vegan sausage. In homage to the namesake brothers who own the chain, we ordered The Miller Special, a  truly massive XL deep dish pizza with 5 pounds of sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, bacon and ham.

For our traditionalists, we got the dish appropriately named Old School, with meatballs layered with pepperoni and smothered with spicy Giardiniera. Lastly we could not resist our new family favorite, Meatball Sliders, topped with pizza sauce and mozzarella on a King’s Hawaiian Sweet Roll.

Ends up it’s not just our family and friends that love Fresh Brothers.  The restaurant recently won “Independent Pizzeria of the Year” by Pizza Today.  Beating out many a NYC pizza joint.  Sorry Jon Stewart.