Dining with nature at Sundance Mountain Resort


When most of us think of Sundance, we think of the film festival founded by Robert Redford in the 1980s. The indie filmmaker event moved many years ago to nearby Park City, Utah, but still today Sundance Mountain Resort remains a beacon for creatives and independent spirits.  At Sundance, the philosophy on food is art and dining is communal, making the dining experience integrated with nature, making Sundance a wonderland for  family and friends to spend quality time together and make lifelong memories, on the mountains, and over the dinner table.

Mountains of food

When it comes to dining, you can’t go wrong with any of the resort’s restaurants, which all have stellar reputations for their culinary excellence. The romantic candlelit Tree Room Restaurant is the most formal offering, yet the ambiance is comfortable and inviting. Décor includes Native American art from Redford’s personal collection.

For more casual and family friendly dining, the frontier-themed Foundry Grill features fresh hearty fare and pizza from its open kitchen. Après ski and into the night, the late crowd can enjoy drinks and live music at the Owl Bar, the site of the original Redwood Bar where Butch Cassidy’s Hole in the Wall Gang hung out. For quick pick-me-ups, the Creekside Café offers sandwiches and soups at the base of the mountain, and for the adventurous, the Bearclaw Café is a treat at the top of the back mountain, for skiers skilled enough to get there.

While the film festival gets greatest brand recognition, and the mountains and outdoors are the main attraction for most visitors when it comes to Sundance, the food also gets top billing with rave reviews and plenty of awards, and plenty of famous faces in the dining rooms.