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Ainoko Presents a Mexican-Japanese Dining Adventure Like No Other

Petite Taqueria treats its culinary tourists with a fusion of flavors from across the globe


LA is known for its authentic Mexican food, with dive cantinas and taco stands around the city serving some of the tastiest and flavorful traditional Mexican fare South of the Border.  The city is also known as the melting pot of many cultures and cuisines, which makes Ainoko, Petite Taqueria’s blending of Japanese and Mexican gastronomy, the consummate LA foodie experience.

Invented by Chef Julius-Carlos Miramonte, this fusion of flavors was inspired by his Mexican-Japanese-American heritage. Growing up and a self-proclaimed “half-breed,” which is the meaning of Ainoko, he was exposed to many ethnic dishes from his family. He became fond of the spiciness and heartiness of traditional Mexican foods, while savoring the subtlety and elegant preparation of sushi and other Japanese delicacies, and he inherited his “anything goes” attitude from his American upbringing in LA.


From his love of all epicurean styles, he created unique tacos and tapas, served in tortillas of corn, flour, nori and garbanzo, featuring mixes of raw and cooked seafood, along with beef, chicken, and vegetables, slaws, sauces, and seasonings.

With an ever-changing menu, served at private upstairs bar of the upscale Petite Taqueria Mexican restaurant at 755 N. La Cienega, Chef Miramonte has delighted adventurous diners with scrumptious one-of-a-kind two- and three-bite small plates, presented like works of art.

Some of his conceptions include  Ahi Tuna Tostada on a Nori Blini, Hokkaido Scallops with Epazate Beurre Blanc, DSC_4019Duck Banh Mi Torta, Pork Toro Taco, and Hamachi Crudo with Citrus Emulsion and Hot Oil. Along with the appetizer entrees, there is also a menu of sake and other spirits to complement the choices.


A large part of this tre-LA food indulgence is the personal service by the chef himself. Representing a myriad of cultural influences in his appearance, the movie-star-handsome tattooed chef wears a neat man-bun and short manicured beard, dressed in a kimono-style robe. He presents his dishes with a quiet politeness, slight bow, and magnetic smile.


For visitors who desire a story-worthy dining adventure, and for LA denizens bored with the ordinary, Ainoko will satisfy, aesthetically, culturally, deliciously, and maybe even spiritually.